Municipal Contracts

 When your City is looking for a long term partner to handle its waste stream needs, it is looking for a partner it can trust, a partner that has the experience and the assets to make sure that no matter the situation, the job will get done. With Valley Vista Services, your City can rest assured that they will never have to worry about their trash again. We have invested heavily over the years purchasing computer systems and software from Dell™ and PCScale Tower™; so that our billing and AB393 reports are absolutely accurate and even more important, rock solid reliable. We work hand in hand with Grand Central Recycling's materials recovery facility and transfer station to make sure that your City’s trash can be hauled away 24 hours a day, every day, and guarantees that no matter what recycling goals your city may have, Valley Vista Services can ensure that they will be achieved. Most important we have invested in our people. Valley Vista Services’ employees are highly trained, courteous, and motivated. They understand the importance of the job we do, and will move mountains to get it done.