Cities, Counties, and Jurisdictions

We help cities and counties meet or exceed diversion goals and stay compliant

Valley Vista Services municipal partners have successfully met diversion goals for AB 939, AB 341, AB 1826, 50% recycling, construction and demolition debris, and other State and CalRecycle requirements.

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We are a part of your city

For over 60 years, we have been committed to partnering with all client cities in the responsible collection and management of municipal waste. If you are looking for experienced, trustworthy, and quality service for your jurisdiction, VVS has proven to be the best choice.

Experienced Partner in Municipal Services


Our educational partnerships represent an important and valid sector of our business. With VVS as your partner, we can work together to create effective waste diversion and recycling programs within your budget and enhance best-practices among students, teachers, maintenance staff and food service personnel.

Management Companies

We are and have always been committed to developing critical relationships with Property Managers, Large Institutions, to customize comprehensive waste management programs.

Special Events

Valley Vista has participated in numerous City and County events by working closely with staff, management and event planners to ensure trash is collected, recyclables are diverted, and litter is contained so anesthetic and clean atmosphere is maintained. Valley Vista has always donated time, services and outreach materials that make planning events a bit easier. Our experienced and courteous staff is available to guide you through scheduling trash pick-up or requesting a container or participating in any way we can.

Street Sweeping

When you need street sweeping solutions, we’ve got you covered! Meeting the PM-10 standards, low noise requirements and alternative fuel commitments, VVS is the most reliable and efficient service provider. Our fleet of heavy-duty street sweepers are more than enough to meet your requirements. We also offer mechanical broom and vacuum equipment in order to deliver on our commitment to complete and effective street cleaning.

Partner Cities and Organizations