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How do California State Recycling Mandates affect your business?


The State of California passed Assembly Bill 341, requiring mandatory commercial recycling, starting July 1, 2012. Commercial businesses and Multi-family complexes that are affected must either source separate trash from recyclables on-site or co-mingle trash and recyclables in one container and let Valley Vista Services do all the dirty work.

For more information on AB 341, please visit the CalRecycle Mandatory Commercial Recycling website.

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WHAT IS AB 1826?

The State of California passed the Mandatory Organics Recycling Law (AB1826) to reduce the volume of compostable materials sent to landfills. AB 1826 phases in requirements for businesses that generate specified amounts of organic waste, per week, to arrange recycling services for that material. Valley Vista Services Commercial Organic Waste Recycling Program was created for those generators that either meet the requirements of mandatory organics recycling (AB1826), or those generators that choose to opt into a source-separated organics recycling program.

For more information on AB 1826, please visit the CalRecycle Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling Website.

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WHAT IS SB 1383?

SB 1383 is a statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP). SB 1383 applies to all residents (single-family homes and apartments/condos) and businesses. This law expands upon the goals of AB 341: Mandatory Commercial Recycling and AB 1826: Mandatory Commercial Organics. It also requires some businesses to donate excess edible food to feed people in addition to composting organic materials.

For more information on SB 1383, please visit the CalRecycle Mandatory Commercial Recycling website.

Recycling Flyers and Bin Decals


The Green Team can help you assess your waste stream, make suggestions regarding how to reduce waste and increase recycling and make sure that appropriate collection service is arranged.

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