Frequently Asked Questions

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Valley Vista Services provides residential waste service once per week. Collection containers must be placed at the curb in front of your home by 6:00AM. For safety’s sake, we cannot pick up containers that are obstructed by cars, trees, or other objects.

Residents can call the customer service center or check their account online at MyVVS.com to request collection schedule information.

When non-acceptable materials are found in the blue and green carts it creates contamination in the recycling system. Only selected predetermined items can be recycled at the recycling facility.

Valley Vista Services is currently performing inspections on all blue and green recycling carts for proper sorting. Violators are automatically tagged for the violation and a follow-up letter is mailed to the resident explaining the contamination issue. Habitual offenders may lose their recycling containers and be required to pay for additional trash containers.

Valley Vista provides a Holiday Tree Recycling Program to all residents for FREE. VVS
will collect all holiday trees (such as Christmas trees and Hanukkah bushes) on your normal collection day. Please
see your individual city pages for more details and dates.

Holiday Tree / Hanukkah bushes guidelines:

Please place your holiday tree/ bushes at the curbside, a few feet away from the automated

Please remove all decorations, stands, garland, tinsel and lights.

Flocked trees will not be collected.

To aid in the disposal of large, bulky items such as refrigerators, furniture, stoves, and water heaters Valley Vista Services will provide on-call collection of such items at no charge depending on location. To schedule a pick-up call Valley Vista Services at 800-442-6454 or request service here.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) can be found in most homes and garages.  These items when used properly are not considered Hazardous Waste until they are ready to be thrown away and not used up.

Common HHW:

  • Motor oil, oil filters, brake fluid, used antifreeze
  • Paint, paint thinner, turpentine
  • Pesticides or herbicides
  • Household batteries or car batteries

  • Pool chemicals
  • Mercury thermometers or thermostats
  • Unwanted or expired prescriptions

If you have left over bug spray or paint find a neighbor who might benefit from your leftovers before throwing them away.  If you cannot find anyone to use your leftovers or your products are too old please see the next section.

Valley Vista Services is not certified to transport hazardous materials to a certified landfill to ensure proper disposal.  In order for Valley Vista to offer this service, we would require additional fees and would duplicate programs offered throughout Los AngelesCounty.

The County of Los Angeles sponsors weekly Household Hazardous Waste and Electronic Waste Collection Events.  This program offers a FREE, convenient and environmentally safe method to dispose of hazardous waste. Events are usually held on Saturday’s at different locations from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  For more information please call 888-CleanLA or log onto www.CleanLA.com.

Orange County residents may take their Household Hazardous waste to any of the four facilities run by the county. More details are available at the Orange County.

In 2003 the Senate passed the Electronic Waste Recycling Act requiring California to mandatory implement recycling and environmentally safe disposal of electronic devices which are banned from the landfill.

Common E-Waste items:

  • Computers (desktop, laptop & handhelds)
  • Monitors (CRT and LCD)
  • Keyboards, mice, modems, & other peripherals
  • Fax machines, copiers & answering machines
  • Phones & Cell Phones
  • CD/DVD-Players, old VCR’s

  • Television (CRT/LCD)
  • Radios
  • Calculators
  • Consumer Batteries

Valley Vista Services provides two programs for our residential customers:

  • Door-to-Door Service: Call the Valley Vista office at 800-442-6454 and schedule the collection of your electronic waste
  • Drop-off Program: Bring your items to Grand Central Recycling and Transfer, located at 999 S. Hatcher in the City of Industry.  Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 4:00PM and Saturday 7:00AM – 2:00PM.