For over 60 years, California businesses have relied on our efficient and effective waste management solutions.


Valley Vista Services has been helping businesses in Southern California reduce, reuse, recycle.  Our commitment is to provide them with a safe, dependable, and responsible service to help them focus on their business.

Commercial and Industrial
Economically-viable and environmentally-friendly. These are two tenets VVS strives to offer commercial & industrial industries. We offer:
  • A trash collection schedule that fits the customer
  • Dependable service for your business
  • Container placement and size solutions
  • Environmentally responsible and safety-focused
Waste compactors are also available for larger disposal needs. For special needs or requirements, please feel free to call (800)-442-6454, chat, or send us a message.
Construction and Demolition
No job is too big (or small) for us. VVS applies its attention to detail on waste management and disposal for construction and demolition projects. VVS offers a wide selection of roll-off containers and commercial trash compactors in various sizes available for usage. Additionally, VVS provides these:
  • A waste collection schedule to fit your needs
  • On-demand service when you want it
  • Roll-off dumpster placement and size solutions
  • Environmentally responsible and safety-focused
  • LEED-certified waste processing facility
Part of contributing and engaging the community, VVS strives to offer and promote a pro-recycling stance. This also includes helping commercial customers meet their specific recycling goals and requirements. VVS provides:
  • A recycling collection schedule tailored to each customer
  • Prompt service at a convenient time for your business
  • Container placement and size solutions
  • Environmentally responsible and safety-focused team and equipment
  • Training for your team on proper recycling and separation of materials
Dumpster Rental
We offer different sizes and types of roll-off containers to suit different needs. We have 20-yard “lowboy” containers for really heavy materials like cement and dirt. We have 30-yard “lowboy” containers for medium heavy materials like glass or wet waste. We also have 50-yard standard containers for regular materials. If you have large amounts of waste regularly, you might want to ask us about waste compaction systems. We lease the latest designs and the most efficient and reliable models. We can design a waste compaction system to suit any facility and any waste materials you might have. Waste compaction systems keep your facility clean, sanitary and secure.

From residential curbside pick-up, commercials hauling, construction bin rental, or municipal services, we can do it!

Let us show you the Valley Vista Services Difference.


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