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    Authorized Contacts

    Restrictive authorization will only allow those services which are free of charge.
    Full authorization will allow all services, including those that are at a charge

    Full AuthorizationRestrictive Authorization

    Liability Waiver

    The undersigned customer of Valley Vista Services, Inc. hereby, releases the company from all liability or obligation to pay for damages or injury which may occur by reason of the customer requesting that a waste disposal bin or container be placed in the private property of said customer by the company.

    Other Terms and Conditions

    • All material must be within the container and cannot exceed the level line as indicated on the container.

    • Additional charge will be applied to loads weighing more than the agreed tonnage.

    • VVS cannot legally transport any loads weighing in excess of 10 tons.

    • VVS will not accept: liquid, hazardous, explosive, toxic, tires, electronic wastes or radioactive wastes as directed by local, County, State and Federal regulations.

    Customer agrees to provide clear access to the container for the purpose of loading and unloading. In the case that VVS cannot perform service for the aforementioned reasons, or if the driver is required to wait in excess of 10 minutes, a stand-by charge will be assessed.

    I agree to the terms above